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Who Are We?

Falkan Motors was started in the year 2021 with a vision to make High-performance, Affordable and Smart Electric Vehicles to reach the people who are ready to adopt the future of mobility.

Our company has four strong pillars which creates a strong believe in Electric Vehicles and on our products

  • Building a Safe and Reliable Product.
  • Building High end product without compromising the Quality.
  • A culture of innovation in our Products.
  • A commitment to ethics and values in Automobile Industry.

Navigating Change: Falkan Motor's Journey to the Future.


March 2021

We started with our research and assessing the EV the market.


August 2021

We designed our initial concept of future electric scooter.


February 2022

After months of hard work and dedication we successfully tested our First Prototype, which exceeded our expectations.


October 2022

After dedicating 1 and a half years to R&D, our team successfully developed a highly efficient, safe, and robust Lithium-Ion Battery Pack. With a capacity of 5000mAh and a voltage of 3.7V, our battery pack provides long-lasting power and reliability.


January 2023

Our team designed and built 'The Falkan 2.0' the latest version of our Falkan Electric Scooter. Featuring a longer battery life, an ultra-efficient motor, and advanced safety features, the Falkan 2.0 represents a new standard in electric scooter performance and safety.


Be ready for our exciting product launch in 2023

We are excited to announce that we will be launching our Falkan Electric Scooter Soon..

About our Journey?

In 2021 we found few problems in Automobile Industry. At the time we were facing Increasing fuel prices, pollution from IC Engine based vehicles releasing harmful gases reducing life expectancy of living beings and found a scope of a progressive growth in EV Industry given a path to build our own Electric Scooter.

We started innovating with a small team of enthusiast engineers who's mind was filled to make a alternate solution for mobility which could have near to 100% local manufacturing capability. Thus we developed our first Electric Scooter in 2022.

Thus, we developed our first successful working prototype of our Electric Scooter in 2022.

Again, we had a challenge to developed a Robust highly efficient and safe Lithium-Ion Battery Pack which is a back bone of any Electric Vehicle. We spent more than 1 and half years of hard work and research we successfully developed our working Lithium-Ion Battery Pack in November 2022.

At our company, we believe that sustainability is key to creating a brighter future for everyone. That's why we are not only focused on creating electric vehicles that are environmentally friendly, but also on developing the infrastructure needed to make electric vehicle ownership accessible and convenient for all.

As part of this goal, we are proud to be deploying fast chargers and battery swapping stations across India. These stations will be strategically located in high-traffic areas such as shopping malls, airports, and metro stations, making it easy and convenient for our customers to charge their scooters and get back on the road quickly. Our fast chargers can charge our electric scooter's battery to 80% capacity in just 45 minutes, while our battery swapping stations enable customers to swap out their depleted battery for a fully charged one in just a matter of minutes.

We believe that electric vehicles are the future, and we are committed to making them accessible and convenient for everyone. Whether you are a daily commuter, a weekend adventurer, or someone who cares deeply about the environment, our electric scooter and charging infrastructure are designed to meet your needs.


"I believe the electric vehicles will be as ubiquitous as the cell phone. You plug it in every night and wake up with a full charge. You drive off silently and without pollution. And you can have a lot of fun driving electric Vehicles"

Robert C. Eaton


"Electric cars will make up the majority of new car sales by 2040."

Bill Gates


"Electric cars will eventually be cheaper to operate and maintain than gasoline-powered cars. The operating cost of an electric car can be less than a penny per mile, while the operating cost of a gasoline car is more like 15 cents per mile."

Elon Musk

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