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The Falkan

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Why Choose Falkan

Falkan Battery Pack

Falkan's Heart?

A robust highly efficient Lithium Ion Battery Pack.


Fast Battery Charging

Our battery can be charged from
0-80% in less than 1 Hour*


Smart BMS

A highly Advanced Battery Management Systems tracks the Battery Pack's Health.


Battery Cooling System

Our Battery Pack is designed to withstand high temperatures thanks to our innovative Cooling Mechanisms, exclusive materials, and top-quality lithium cells.

Falkan Motor

Falkan's Power?

Our Falkan moves with a Powerful Motor.

Experience thrilling speeds of up to 90 km/h with the Falkan Scooter.

Higher the torque easier the vehicle will move and will reach its top speed.

Our motor is designed to tackle all weather and road conditions in India.

Our Motor is Rated with IP67 protection so just forget about the Rain.

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Research doesn't assure definite rewards but it assures lesser risks. #InnovatingTogether

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